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Opening Sense & Sensibility #4: Janina Frye
Saturday, December 16, 16:00

opening Sense & Sensibility #2: Gabriel Ann Maher
Thursday, December 7, 16:00

performance Gabriel Ann Maher Sense & Sensibility #2
Saturday, October 21, 16:00

research presentation Sense & Sensibility #3: Olle Ludin
Saturday, December 2, 16:00


Onomatopee 150 / NEST project
What a girl wants – what a girl needs

September 2017- January 2018

A platform for various artists and writers, to explore contradictions and oppositions by reflecting upon gender issues, contemporary girlhood and object-subject relations. 
Featuring Mandy Roos, Gabriel Ann MaherOlle LundinJanina FryeVirginie Gauthier, Alicja Melzacka, Charlotte van Buylaere, Roberto Perez, Carly Rose, Daantje Bons, Camille Auer, Nasty Women and others. 

It’s because feminism has become a fashionable commodity now, that we’re in desperate need of a more inclusive and varied reflection on contemporary girlhood, cross-cultural feminism, and the relationship between gender, politics and philosophy. Sense and Sensbility wishes to explore oppositions and contradictions, in image and text, in theory and in visual modes of culture here and now. We try to make sense by getting together during changing situations, rather than define a status quo, and we try to be sensible, by embracing diversity within the interpretation of the theme.

Each artist will get the space for one month to research, show, tell, intervene, perform, express and implore their relation to female power, contradictions, societal standards and gender. Next to the temporary solo moments, there will be a permanent so-called Girls’ Room: this perfect pink space will contain traces and objects from each participant, as well as zines and posters from others. The Girls Room functions both as a reading room, a workshop, an exhibition hall and as a space where dialogue between the visitor and the project’s participants can take place.

is an ongoing series at Onomatopee in which local artists and designers are given the platform to create new work, while also being able to explore, deepen and reflect upon their practice in connection to the other participants and contributing writers. Onomatopee will generate a stimulant in visibility, and by organising both solo presentations as textual reflections in the final publication, a bridge between theory and praxis is built and the local becomes international.
Sense and Sensibility is the NEST 2017 project. Starting from September 2017, the project will consist of four solo presentations, a publication, and a research room with contributions by all participants, Documentation from the exhibitions and presentations, just like reflections by various engaged writers, will be bundled into a publication to be launched January 2018. In the book, essays, interviews and illustrations will reflect on the work of the artist in relation to the overall theme: contemporary feminism.

Artists: Mandy Roos, Gabriel Ann Maher, Olle Lundin, Janina Frye
Authors: Alicja Melzacka, Charlotte van Buylaere, Roberto PerezCarly Rose
Curator: Pernilla Ellens
Graphic design: Virginie Gauthier
Photography: Daantje Bons
Made possible thanks to the municipality of Eindhoven and the province of Noord-Brabant.




© Onomatopee 2011
Logo design by Virginie Gauthier
Logo design by Virginie Gauthier