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Next to the Design Academy, a 10 minutes walk to both central station as to the Van Abbemuseum.

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Onomatopee Agenda

Wednesday, December 13, 20:00
MIRA AASMA in concert
Location: Onomatopee

Friday, December 15, 18:00 - 20:00
OPENING The Trouble with Value at Bunkier Sztuki
Location: !! Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland !!

Saturday, December 16, 16:00
Opening Sense & Sensibility #4: Janina Frye
Location: Onoomatopee

Saturday, December 16, 17:30
Location: Onomatopee

Saturday, December 16, 19:00
50 anniversaries / 50 jarigen BOOK LAUNCH AND EXHIBITION OPENING
Location: Onomatopee

Friday, December 22, 17:00
Artist Bar - Yule fest
Location: Onomatopee


Onomatopee 153.1 / project
Porno-graphing - what do ’dirty’ subjectivities do to art?
AnnaMaria Pinaka

PRICE: € 10,00    
Onomatopee -4 / NEST project
Evidence of very recent past
Daeun Lim

PRICE: € 10,00    
Onomatopee -2 / project
On drawing
Marcel and Simon van Eeden

PRICE: € 15,00    
Onomatopee -1 / Cabinet project
An Illustrated Guide of Capitalism

PRICE: € 5,00    
Onomatopee 76 / Cabinet project
One + 1
Daniel Eatock, Sebastian Campos, Marie-Anne McQuay,

PRICE: € 8,00    
Onomatopee -3 / Cabinet project
“I read the comments. I shouldn’t have read the comments, why do I read the comments”
Erik Vermeulen

PRICE: € 5,00    
Onomatopee 65 / Research project
Ann Messner, Karl Philips, Anna Witt, Albert Heta, Pilvi Takala, Jan Rothuizen, Filippo Minelli, Ahmet Ogut, Erosie, Sebastian Stumpf.

PRICE: € 5,00    

current exhibitions

Onomatopee 142 / Research project


Various free-thinkers and free-doers.


Total running time of the show is from April 2017 to February 2018

The centre of the city is the place for meeting and consumption. It is where everyone goes, it’s where our culture is consumed and lived. However, the offering there is limited, and not a lot is allowed. It’s not everybody’s space, but the space of the majority. Yet even for that majority, there is no free choice, so it is also place for the silent majority. Meanwhile, every human being wants an inclusive culture, with free offering and free access. Although our culture turns out not to be free, but forced.
With this project we ask what could be on offer, and what perhaps ought to be? Many free-thinkers such as designers, philosophers, journalists, artists and others take space to explore this. In short: WE ARE THE MARKET! calls out to freedom in the capitalist commons, within the cultural production of the high street.

Public gallery and publisher Onomatopee Projects, organiser of this venture, has a space for free imagination in the heart of Eindhoven. Here they provide their services free of charge - partially paid for by the spokesperson of the people’s sovereignty - yet hidden behind all the commercial forces.

As an alternative, focused on a public service for the interest-less imagination which is exclusive to the arts, Onomatopee goes onto the streets in action against mollycoddling and in defence of an inclusive world: in an ultimate stimulation of possibility. They make the people question their role in our collective responsibility regarding public culture. Now the focus is on target audiences as life in bubbles alienates us, all the while public space is becoming increasingly more exclusive.

Our culture is our responsibility: we demand inclusivity!  


First achievements have happened and are on show, more are to follow.
Featuring: Harmen de Hoop, BURO SNDVG (a snodero-group member)David BlameyNolwenn SalaunJennifer Moon & Laub, Su TomesenMartin Krenn, MG&M Collective (Mosab Anzo, Gil & Moti), the Mona Lisa’s, Ilke GersThe Temple of TeaseVanessa BrazeauToine Klaassen, Jasper GriepinkApparatus 22, Everyday criticality, Cindy Moorman and others.

The theory-sparked bartenders, offering enlightening conversations over heavy drinks, include Robert-Jan Gruijthuijzen, Michel van Dartel, Lietje Bauwens & Wouter De Raeve, Rogier Brom, Fred Dewey, Berit Fischer, Dirk Vis, Petra Van Brabandt and others yet to be announced!

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Onomatopee 150 / NEST project


What a girl wants – what a girl needs
Various artists, designers and writers.

Logo design by Virginie Gauthier

September 2017- January 2018

A platform for various artists and writers, to explore contradictions and oppositions by reflecting upon gender issues, contemporary girlhood and object-subject relations. 
Featuring Mandy Roos, Gabriel Ann MaherOlle LundinJanina FryeVirginie Gauthier, Alicja Melzacka, Charlotte van Buylaere, Roberto Perez, Carly Rose, Daantje Bons, Camille Auer, Nasty Women and others. 

It’s because feminism has become a fashionable commodity now, that we’re in desperate need of a more inclusive and varied reflection on contemporary girlhood, cross-cultural feminism, and the relationship between gender, politics and philosophy. Sense and Sensbility wishes to explore oppositions and contradictions, in image and text, in theory and in visual modes of culture here and now. We try to make sense by getting together during changing situations, rather than define a status quo, and we try to be sensible, by embracing diversity within the interpretation of the theme.

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Onomatopee 150.3 / NEST project

Bureau Just

Sense & Sensibility 3: Agency for Feminist Practices.
Olle Lundin

Olle Lundin, Body Behaviour (2014)

Exhibition dates: November 9 – December 9
Finissage with research outcomes on December 9, 13:00

According to Olle Lundin, the rationality of us is but an illusion. We are all culturally prompted by society to mirror and reflect behaviour, and to act on the already well-trodden paths of our gender, class, or whatever else might constitute an identity. Through his work, Lundin wants to engage in conversations around equality, freedom, and respect in order to actively set an agenda of this in the city of Eindhoven.

For 2 days a week, the designer will be present in the exhibition space and conduct further research into social theory related to queering practices, feminism, equality, economy and class. This will be combined with a field practice that collects auditive interviews to be archived into podcast-like segments. All the facilities that are needed will be present at Onomatopee, temporarily transforming the exhibition into a research base. When not in use by Lundin, the space will present audio fragments from the interviews that he conducted. Besides this, the visitor can also see the planning, scribbles, and unanswered questions that will be present in Lundin’s ‘office’. The business element is present in this project because it seeks to highjack elements of documentation and corporate-style strategy. The visual set-up of it draws on the formal aspects of a standardized office, therefore playing with the notions of normalcy. Through conducting interviews within Eindhoven, this project will also engage in the variety of social networks that constitute the city.

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Forthcoming exhibitions

Onomatopee 150.4 / NEST project

People are nowhere near so fluid

Sense & Sensibility 4: Janina Frye

People are nowhere near so fluid, 2017

December 16 – Februari 11
Opening Saturday December 16, 16:00  

What would the world be like if humanity were never to leave it, but instead stayed and merged with its materials? This new installation by Janina Frye is situated in the nearby-future, where the evolution of emancipation has taken place. Gender binaries are no longer a topic of discussion and oppositions between subjects have been eliminated. In this time and place, the border between objects and subjects has faded.

In this newly created total installation, concrete blocks, foam rubber, aluminium structures and neon-coloured plastic all bear resemblance toshapes of the human body. The sculptures move slightly, in an almost pre-reflexive way. They have skins, spines, joints, and are present in the space, having as much agency within our physical world as the traditional subject would. Familiar material structures, that we know from hospitals and public transport, play a major role in the vernacular of Frye’s post-human landscape. The human bodies leave stains and marks on concrete matter; and in its turn, a materiality guides and trains the human body and shapes the way it behaves inside space. Bones, handprints, and phone chargers all leave their traces, and both man-made artefacts as well as physical relics influence the world equally. The border between us and them—the ultimate dismantling of dualism, the perfect peak of dialectics—will be opaque.*


* The title of this exhibition has been derived from The Cyborg Manifesto, Donna Haraway (1984)

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Onomatopee 147 / Cabinet project

50 anniversaries / 50 jarigen

From the private collection of Freek Lomme / Uit de privé collectie van Freek Lomme


50-year-olds: they’re hung up in streets, stuck in dull, damp plastic sleeves; they are taped to lampposts, to electricity substations or traffic signs, or they’re attached to trees with drawing pins.

This publication and exhibition explore the typically Dutch tradition of publicly displaying home made photo collages throughout streets and neighborhoods in celebration of a person’s 50th birthday.

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Onomatopee 141 / Cabinet project
The Standard Book of Noun-Verb Exhibition Grammar
Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Timotheus Vermeulen, Tim Hollander.

PRICE: € 19,00    
Onomatopee 146 / Cabinet project
Radiant Matter
Marjolijn Dijkman

PRICE: € 14,00    
Onomatopee 145.1 / Cabinet project
Modes of Criticism 3 - design and democracy
Francisco Laranjo (ed.)

PRICE: € 12,00    


Onomatopee 147.2 / Cabinet project
50 jarigen (NL edition)
Uit de privé collectie van Freek Lomme

NEDERLANDSE EDITIE - digitale afbeelding omslag

PRICE: € 10,00    


Onomatopee 137 / Cabinet / NEST project
Post-Butt - The power of the image
Melani de Luca

PRICE: € 15,00    
Onomatopee 130 / Cabinet project
Dictionary Dressings
A project by Femke de Vries, featuring Hans Gremmen, Barbara Brownie, BLESS, Conny Groenewegen, Elisa van Joolen, Joke Robaard and Ruby Hoette

PRICE: € 25,00    
Onomatopee 118 / Cabinet project
Can you feel it? – Effectuating tactility and print in the contemporary
Freek Lomme (Ed.)

PRICE: € 17,00    
Onomatopee 132 / Research project
The Economy is Spinning
Kris Dittel (editor)

PRICE: € 22,00    
Onomatopee 131 / Cabinet project
Lieven De Boeck

PRICE: € 24,00    
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