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Thursday to Sunday, 13:00- 17:00
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Onomatopee Agenda

LA Art Book Fair
Thursday, February 11, 18:00 - Sunday, February 14, 18:00

Schoolroom talk on The Magic Circle: Jan Tumlir with Kevin Hanle
Sunday, February 14, 16:00 - 17:00

The Bungalow Book Presentation - presentation opening
Saturday, February 27, 16:00

opening exhibition Anne de Vries
Saturday, February 27, 16:00




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more recent publications 

OMP88 / Research project
Atlas of agendas - mapping the power, mapping the commons.

photography: Harvey Herman

PRICE: € 40,00    
OMP108 / Cabinet project
It Had Something To Do With The Telling Of Time

Photo Isis Tweepenninckx

PRICE: € 15,00    
OMP112 / Cabinet project
city [un]archived

Photo Isis Tweepenninckx

PRICE: € 15,00    


opening February 27th, 4 pm


OMP120.3 / Research project

Public cortex

Radical Aesthetics #3 - Anne de Vries

Submission, as shown at Cell Projects, London.

Opening february 27th, 4 PM
open Thursday - Sunday 1-5 PM,
Friday-evenings open untill 9 PM
open untill April 24th

When René Descartes disconnected the mind from the body and inspired a scientific revolution with his famous words ‘I think, therefore I am’, he could not have imagined that command over the very reasonableness of our thought would shift to the cloud, effectively putting the world of our reason  on a different track, outside of man. What Descartes did know: that the senses cannot be trusted in the establishment of reasonableness, has now been supplemented with the insight that human reason itself is inadequate. But if the will seems to have become a puppet rather than the puppeteer, where does that leave the will-power?

We are left to hold faith in a heavenly body: the Cloud or other instances of big data. Conveniently, The Internet of Things is here to take us by the hand and, like a prophet returned, guide us in our every move. Technological persuasion snugs us like a comfortable blanket; when we go to a festival for instance and the laser beams lift us to euphoric heights or when our surroundings take on ever more convincing dimensions of virtuality. We become part of a fluid reality that effortlessly absorbs us. Only the administrators of large immaterial systems, like all Google shareholders combined, hold power over reality: they dispose of the rationality that surrounds us.

Through tangible objects that address the moral and ethical aberrations of this technology-dominated domain of knowledge and the communicative order outside our cognition, Anne de Vries puts a face on the mind in the body standing outside of us. We take a peek at the world of the divine machine and see its sinister consequences in the quarries where the minerals are extracted so indispensable for the production of our mobile phones, and we see how this deus ex machina oversees its own colonisation of our minds, through the habits of the crowd it showers with its technological splendour.

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OMP106 / Cabinet project

The Bungalow Book Presentation - presentation

By Anouk Kruithof (book) & Elise van Mourik (set)

Opening Saturday February 27th, 4 PM
on untill March 27th, Thursday-Sunday 1-5 PM
(and by appointment of course)

Welcome to Onomatopee’s Cabinet exhibition space. What you see is a mise en scène which might entangle you in oblivion. Possibly the book presentation took place here,  or are we waiting for something to happen?

The Bungalow is a book by Anouk Kruithof, based on Brad Feuerhelm’s obscure photo collection. By lack of a clear context of the selected snapshots, she decided to consider the pictures as entities, which she subsequently, by means of reinterpretation and image manipulation, endowed with new meaning. The book was published by Onomatopee in October 2014. It was designed by Christof Nüssli and was voted one of the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2014. It will be as if it has never existed, just as the historical background in vernacular pictures continues to exist only in oblivion.

The Book Presentation – presentation has been arranged in a formal way, with available objects from the gallery, supplemented with festive balloons, suggestive of a celebration. Space seems to come to a standstill, as in a photo. And we are absorbed into the picture. A piece of oblivion, resembling the oblivion in which the historical reality on the snapshots continues to exist.

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recent and upcoming publications 

OMP124 / Cabinet project
On the Soft Edge of Space

PRICE: € 40,00    
OMP102 / Cabinet project
No Internet, No Art - A Lunch Bytes Anthology

Photo Isis Tweepenninckx

PRICE: € 25,00    
OMP106 / Cabinet project
The Bungalow - Anouk Kruithof

photography: Job Janssen

PRICE: € 40,00    
OMP55.2 / Cabinet project
Things that Happened. Brynjar SigurĂ°arson

Society of things (Visual Vault), printed fabrics, Studio Brynjar & Veronika, 2015 Photo Isis Tweepenninckx

PRICE: € 45,00    
OMP122 / Cabinet project
The Chair Affair

Photo Isis Tweepenninckx

PRICE: € 15,00    
OMP84 / Cabinet project
Inflection sandwich

Photo Isis Tweepenninckx

PRICE: € 25,00    
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