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The Romtour pop-up office is currently presented at Onomatopee throughout the ‘Romanian Vistas: The BB7 Travel Agency’ exhibition, which is a preview of the 7th Bucharest Biennale. Travel bookings are available each Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 pm, or online.

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Onomatopee Agenda

Exhibition opening The Economy is Spinning
Sunday, June 5, 16:00 - 20:00

Miss Read art book fair Berlin
Akademie der Künste Hanseatenweg 10, Halle 1+2 10557 Berlin
Friday, June 10, 17:00 - Sunday, June 12, 19:00

I Never Read art book fair Basel
Kaserne Basel Klybeckstrasse 1b CH-4057 Basel
Wednesday, June 15, 18:00 - Saturday, June 18, 18:00




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exhibition related publications

OMP86 / Research project
How to act? - various artists, critics, cartoonists, poets and more!

PRICE: € 25,00    
OMP56 / Cabinet project
The Lost Cent by Serge Onnen

PRICE: € 20,00    

current exhibition

OMP129 / Research project

Romanian Vistas: The BB7 Travel Agency

Running up to the Bucharest Biennale 7

Works by Andrea Faciu Photography by Peter Cox

Opening Saturday May 7th, 4 PM
May 8 – May 29th
Open Thursday – Sunday 1-5 PM

Artists: Andrea Faciu (RO), SPEEDISM (BE) and Allard van Hoorn (NL)
Curators: Niels Van Tomme & Charlotte Van Buylaere

The BB7 Travel Agency* offers a sneak preview of the 7th Bucharest Biennale (BB7), through exclusive, “happy-consensus”, city trips to Romania’s vibrant capital. Don’t miss this special glimpse of this highlight of Bucharest’s contemporary art events and book your best travel deal in advance at Onomatopee! 

Romania, a fascinating country located in the Far East corner of Europe, shows off a great mix of unspoilt nature, far-off (medieval) villages and a boisterous, anarchic city life in the nation’s capital. In Bucharest one may find dynamic urban vibes, curious public art and endless underground parties. Through these wide-ranging scenes, the post-socialist city produces cosmopolitan happiness and compelling cultural activities. Every two years, the city’s lively contemporary art community converges during the Bucharest Biennale. In May 2016 the biennale happily announces its seventh edition under the title: What Are We Building Down There?, curated by Niels Van Tomme. Taking Bucharest as a model city perpetually in-the-making, BB7 will address the capital as an architectural representative of urban privatization processes worldwide. As a radical consequence of this concept, a selection of twenty international artists will display their tailor-made artistic contributions on billboards that are dispersed across the city. This ubiquitous inscription of the Bucharest Biennale within the city fabric will immerse visitors in an extraordinary contemporary art experience.

At Onomatopee three of the participating artists will preview their contributions to the Bucharest Biennale. Andrea Faciu (RO), SPEEDISM (BE) and Allard van Hoorn (NL) are revealing a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the BB7. Their work stresses the concept of urban and societal privatization, dealing with matters such as hyperreality, surveillance and urban ecologies. This exhibition discloses a “making of” of the interwoven curatorial and artistic concepts, and highlights the accelerated growth of wide-ranging and deep-rooted capitalist interventions in Romania’s capital, as well as suggests ways in which they can potentially be navigated, remodeled, and translated in a global context.

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upcoming exhibition 

OMP132 / Research project

The Economy is Spinning

graphic design by Bardhi Haliti


Opening 5 June 2016, 4PM

Exhibition continues 9 June - 17 July, 2016 
Open Thursday - Sunday 1-5PM

With Mercedes Azpilicueta, Zachary Formwalt, Monique Hendriksen, Jan Hoeft, Hanne Lippard, Toril Johannessen, Robertas Narkus, Antonis Pittas and Nick Thurston


How does the economy speak to us? Does it speak through us? Sometimes its voice trembles with fear, and at other times it whispers with hope and sings in excitement about better days to come.

Economic jargon settles in to make things sound correct by making them sound familiar; it comes to our aid when troubles arise and comforts us with its reasonable-sounding justifications. Like religion, it gives hope and solace, soothes worry and anguish. The doctrine is everywhere, oozing out of academic studies and financial newspapers; ’efficiency’ has become the measure of the everyday, as ’cost-benefit analyses’ guide us to make decisions in the interests of the greatest possible returns.

This logic promises freedom in exchange for leaving things to take their own course: laissez faire, laissez passer. The ’invisible hand’ of the market should ensure that needs and wants are met without any outside intervention or regulation. Yet needs and wants are not governed by rational rules: the desire to have it all, to have it now and without limits, is a notion without end, with irrationality as its command.

The Economy is Spinning looks into various manifestations of the language of economics and finance, a language that permeates our vocabularies and builds the boundaries of our imaginations. With contributions by nine artists, the exhibition accentuates and exaggerates the absurdity of this language and of its underlying mechanisms.


An accompanying publication will be launched in September 2016.

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fresh publications

OMP118 / Cabinet project
Can you feel it? – Effectuating tactility and print in the contemporary

Temporary phone-book-photo-shoot by Freek

PRICE: € 17,00    
OMP126 / Cabinet project
Motel Trogir

PRICE: € 20,00    
OMP107 / Cabinet project

PRICE: € 30,00    
OMP125 / Cabinet project
Archetypes and Residues

Photography by Benjamin van Witsen

PRICE: € 25,00    
OMP124 / Cabinet project
On the Soft Edge of Space

PRICE: € 40,00    
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