MIRA AASMA in concert
Wednesday, December 13, 20:00

On the invite of Olle Lundin, and in the framework of Sense & Sensibility, we invite Swedisch electo artist Mira Aasma and her band to Onomatopee at Wednesday December 13.

When we listen to Mira’s songs we find ourselves in between the experimental, dark and dystopia, just as much as in the playful, cheerful and welcoming state of mind. 

Contrasts. Pounding bass meets violins and choirs. Vocal sounds taken from everyday life finds its way through samplers and gets out in completely different shapes and forms. Digital and mechanical sounds clashes with the warmth of analogue.

Here’s what others have to say about MIRA AASMA

"A white hot blizzard of electronica” – Noisey

”From the first pulses of ominous, bassy synths on ‘Mirrors’ it’s clear that Gothenburg’s Mira Aasma is not here with any old standard synth-pop-by-numbers offering.”- Jajaja/Nordic Playlist

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