exhibition opening ’the Ghost of Weaving’
Saturday, April 15, 03:00

Get-together with artworks, some artists and the curator saying a few words about the project.


Onomatopee 144 / Research project
the Ghost of Weaving
- considering life’s productive patterns through the work of handcraft masters operating at the edge of abstraction

Featuring Elisa van Joolen, Esther Stocker, Freek Lomme, Hansje van Halem/Tracy Widdess, Har Sanders, Koen TaselaarMaria Hedlund, Sigrid Calon, Timon van der Hijden

The textures of our culture are reflected within the patterns we produce. Sometimes the surface that hosts the pattern is more slippery than imagined, or the pattern appears to have been too unstable in the first place.
As the ruler is held exclusively in the hands of man, why then is the pattern so tempting and why do we give into it time and time again? Extra more, as productive mastery is channelled through ever more abstract processes, digital tools and semi-finished particles, don’t we lose touch with the fundamentals of the pattern produced?

This project concerns the visual poetry that is released within the woven patterns’ ambivalence between fixation by rule and the dynamics of life; on the fracture of materialistic realism and the limits of the power we hold in our hands.
With this endeavour, we take a step back into the mastery of patterns in craft. We will balance this by looking back into the history of ideas involving patterns as visual motives to culture, and dive into our experience of patterns.

The exhibition surveys the visual poetry of various handcraft masters dealing with the imaginative fabric of patterns and surface. The show will furthermore offer speculation upon the phenomenon of the visual pattern as an identifier, along the thoughts of Onomatopee’s Freek Lomme.
Inspired by the works of various artists who have fascinated him for years now, he wants to re-imagine our capacity to understand the dichotomous life between the pattern as an immanent yet hidden cultural motive, and the pattern as texture; which through transcendence, we can actually reach out for. We only hope he’s chasing something he can hold on to within this spectral subject.


Curator and editor: Freek Lomme
Graphic design publication: Benjamin Critton
Assistant curator: Josh Plough
Made possible thanks to the generous support of all participating artists, the Mondriaan Fund, the province of Noord-Brabant and dr. julius | ap  gallery Berlin.





© Onomatopee 2011

temporary overview of the show
temporary overview of the show