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Onomatopee risograph

For questions regarding reservations to print, please contact us at shop (@)

We have red, blue, black, green, yellow, purple and fluor pink.
0,05 cents ex.vat per print, 3 euro  ex vat per master plus start-up costs depending on experience. 


Onomatopee shop

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Terms and Conditions (PDF)


We rent out space for workshops, meetings and more.
We have different spaces available, depending on the program of exhibitions. Available pretty much all the time is ourinformal bar/hangout with vrious seating options, projectors and more. We can offer coffee and tea. Additional costs of services are to be discussed, but we’re flexible. 

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Freek Lomme
founding director and chief curator

Kris Dittel
associate curator visual arts

Pernilla Ellens
city curator / shopmanager 

Josh Plough

Guus van der Velden


Member of

De Zaak Nu - union of Dutch art spces
(Freek Lomme is member of the board)

De Kunst van Brabant - union of art organisations in the province of Noord-Brabant

K9 - collective of small independent art spaces in the City of Eindhoven
(Freek Lomme is a member of the board) 



If you like us, big chance we like you!
Feel free to step by and see how you can join in the sum!


We are interested for hands-on and thouthful interns able to help out in the diversity of our workings.
The work spans the building of exhibitions, dissemination of publicity, operating as host / hostess to visitors, organising events, printing material on the risograph, selling books, doing graphic design, writing, photography and more.
Work depending on skill and interest. We prefer able multitaskers.

If interested, feel free to contact us. Please describe what you are good at, why you value what we do, what you wish to learn at Onomatopee and what you think you can contribute. 

Onomatopee’s 2017 program of exhibitions is supported by:

The Mondiraan Fund
The Creative Industries Fund NL 

The Province of Brabant



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múltiplos (Spain and Portugal) 
c/ Joaquim Costa, 30 (local)
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Onomatopee projects


How nice to design culture! But how shall we do this? Who is able to do so, who is empowered, and who’s acting? …And why should we get involved…?

Onomatopee playfully frames and manifests our progressive capacity to design culture. At Onomatopee, architects, urban planners, graphic and spatial designers, cultural critics, marketers, artists, politicians and others willing to engage with the meaningfulness of designed culture, get together, within a constructive sphere of nurturing, cultural citizenship, to negotiate and establish our cultural future via design’s playful, political practice.

Each project consists of an exhibition, which allows our experience to become durable, and a publication that gives context to our imaginations. Projects expand upon both real-time cases and abstract thought. Onomatopee mediates between professionals and the general public, interconnecting people’s perspectives and professions, and thus taking on the role of cultural producer of public interests. An average of 23.000 people engage with the Onomatopee project-space in Eindhoven annually, whilst the publications are distributed via bookshops, fairs and various presentations around the world.

Onomatopee has three modes of production. The Research Projects – self-initiated and self-produced – constitute Onomatopee’s core. These projects establish a public sphere of negotiation relating to our daily surroundings. NEST Projects – initiated by Onomatopee on a project basis – thematically show and frame new, young and local art and design talents. Cabinet Projects – collaborations, both artistically as well as in terms of production – with other institutions or individuals who share our passion to playfully enact design’s criticality.

All in all, Onomatopee is a movement by and for anyone interested in engaging with the quests and cases fundamental to our designed culture. Let’s try to open up this field and make it accessible for everyone – let’s enjoy playing with the parameters!





What would be your statement?

To re-evaluate our relationship to the design(ing) of our culture:
Who designs?
Why designing?
How to design?


What is your mission?

To stimulate visual emancipation (morality).
To stimulate participation in the public sphere (ethics).
To mediate between professionals and the general public (education/participation).


How do you want to actualise that?

By manifesting a playful criticality and capacity.


How do you know when you’ve succeeded?

If visitors respond well to projects in the exhibition space, if people return to visit our space or our website, if people buy our books or subscribe to our mailing list, or if we get more invitations to lecture at places or more offers for projects by individual producers or organisations and the like.


What distinguishes Onomatopee from other platforms?

1. Each project consists of both a presentation (a direct interaction) as well as a publication (enabling contextualisation) – in order to strengthen our capacity to design our motives via active engagement;

2. Every project should progressively feed our relationship to culture; either stimulating, in a speculative sense, or by attempting to effect change.


How to organise this on a professional level?

3. Each project builds upon the sincere and worthwhile motives of a particular producer able to communicate and produce effectively, regardless of their discipline or résumé;

4. Each project facilitates participation at different levels, allowing emancipatory access within designed culture, to a broad audience; always thematically framed.



Onomatopee is neither a publisher nor a commercial production house; Onomatopee is a partner to anyone interested in relating further to the design of our environment.


What type of projects do you realise and how do you fund this?

1. Research projects: projects initiated by Onomatopee, funded via grants on the year program by the Mondriaan Fund and the Municipality of Eindhoven: Onomatopee’s core programme;

2. NEST projects; annual series of four projects that make low visibility/emerging, local voices and currents public – thematically clustered, and funded per annual project series;

3. Cabinet projects; produced on a project basis, both financially and artistically, in collaboration with other institutions or individuals who sympathise with our mission.



Feel free to download a less colored and less visual version of the publication about Onomatopee, made in 2011 on the occasion of their 5 year existence here