Sonidogris poster
Onomatopee 02

Remco van BladelPrice: € 5,00    

This poster, designded by Onomatopee founder Remco van Bladel, captures the performing names of various friends of Remco and Freek Lomme, the other Onomatopee founder. Initially produced by Remco for the project 5x490x670 of KOP Breda, curated by Dennis Elbers, it shows the scene that inspired Onomatopee to kick off: (sound) artistTom verbruggen’s TOKTEK, Bas Schevers’ as ESCH, Remco himself as PSITT, the performing collective of Remco (visuals), Tom (sound) and Freek (poetry) in SCON and of course SONIDO GRIS, the band of Tom, Remco, Bas and Koos Siep.

© Onomatopee 2011